Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Stadt- und Regionalsoziologie

Hossein Hamdieh

Dissertationsprojekt (laufend)


The Integration of the Urban Poor by the Mean of Social Housing, Focus on the Case of Farahzad District in Tehran

  • informal settlements

  • labor mobilization

  • social- political space, theory and practice for confronting urban fabric

  • Housing policies


The space is the container of this surreptitious movement, where the streets are platform for urban manifesto and the informal encroachment is among sole means of resistance and disobedience. The social housing in this sense can serve as the locus of collective expression for, but by no means limited to, those who structurally lack any institutional setting to express discontent. The research via a survey on the rare experiences of social housing in Iran is predominantly focused on the process of reintegration of the urban poor by the apparatus of social housing. Pivotal to the research as the case study is Farahzad district, representing the informal settlement within Tehran’s boundary. It seeks to make the hypothesis if a project of social housing in the district can integrate the urban poor and prevent the sprawl of urban informality? Moreover, seeks to address the issue if such labor mobilization could among atomized individuals establish a common identity and mediate through space? The research could potentially both provide a basement for further policies of social housing in Tehran and a methodology for policy making regarding the informal fabrics analogous to Farahzad.