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Pernilla Söderberg, M.A.

Pernilla Söderberg
Foto: Peter Himsel


Research Training Group "DYNAMICS"


Pernilla Söderberg joined the research training group "The Dynamics of Demography, Democratic Processes and Public Policy" (DYNAMICS) as a PhD candidate in September 2021.

Pernilla completed a Bachelor´s Degree in Political Science at Stockholm University and obtained a Master´s Degree in International Affairs from the Hertie School of Governance, including studies abroad at the City University of Hong Kong and Universitat Jaume I in Spain. Outside of academia, Pernilla has gathered work experience at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Stockholm, the United Nations Development Programme in New York, and at the public affairs agency Edelman in Brussels.

Pernilla´s research interests include political psychology, causes and consequences of economic inequality, issues relating to gender inequality as well as welfare state research. In her dissertation project, Pernilla investigates the psychological roots for radical right-wing populism among the relatively gratified in the context of rising income inequality.




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Anxious winners? Explaining support for right-wing populism among the relatively well-off (Working Title)

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