Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Politisches Verhalten im Vergleich



  • Graduate Network Conference, Berlin, Germany. Paper presented:
    Mainstream Party Policy Shifts in Response to Radical Right Success:
    Individual Perceptions and Electoral Reactions (with Tarik Abou-Chadi).



  • ECPR General Conference, Oslo, Norway. Paper presented:
    Economic Risk, Anti-Immigration Preferences, and Voting for the
    Radical Right.
  • EPSA Annual Conference, Milan, Italy. Paper presented:
    Between Strategy and Protest. How Policy Demand, Political
    Dissatisfaction and Strategic Incentives Matter for Far-Right Voting.



  • EPSA Annual Conference, Brussels, Belgium. Paper presented:
    Too Far Out to Care? Incentives for Coalition-Directed Voting among
    Extreme and Centrist Voters.
  • MPSA Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, United States. Paper
    presented: How Does Socio-Economic Risk Promote Voting for the
    Radical Right?



  • Graduate Network Conference, Florence, Italy. Paper presented:
    Preference Formation and Radical Right Voting Behavior. The Roles
    of Socio-Economic Insecurity and Anti-Immigration Attitudes.



  • ECPR Graduate Student Conference, Innsbruck, Austria. Paper
    presented: Between Strategy and Protest. Cross-national Dierences
    in Radical Right Party Voting.




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