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Bernhard Forchtner Ph. D.
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  • Understanding discourses on ecology by far-right groups (parties as well as independent periodicals; ‘moderates’ as well as radicals): how do these groups reproduce their internal ties (which evaluations, stories, etc. do they put forward?) and how do they position themselves in front of a wider public (i.e. to what extend/ how do they compromise their stance) via environmental topics)?
  • The project is financed by the European Union (Marie Curie, project number 327595).



  • PhD Sociology and Linguistics/ Discourse Studies, Lancaster University, UK, June 2011.
  • Diplom-Sozialwissenschaft (Sociology and Political Science), Department of Social Sciences, Humboldt University, Germany, August 2007.


FIELDS OF ACADEMIC INTEREST (in alphabetical order)

(Un)civil society, environmental sociology, memory studies, national identities/ European identity, qualitative methods (discourse analysis), sociological theory, the far-right.



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  • Forchtner, B. (contracted). Lessons from the Past? Rhetorics of Learning and the Politics of Memory [working title]. London: Palgrave.


SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (peer reviewed articles)

  • Forchtner, B. and Kølvraa, C. (forthcoming, 2015): The Nature of Nationalism: ‘Populist Radical Right Parties’ on Countryside and Climate, in: Nature & Culture, 10.
  • Efe, I. and Forchtner, B. (forthcoming, 2015): ‘Saying sorry’ in Turkey: the Dersim massacre of the 1930s in 2011 in: Journal of Language and Politics, 14(4).
  • Forchtner, B. (forthcoming, 2014): Rhetorics of judge-penitence: claiming moral superiority through admissions of past wrongdoing, in: Memory Studies, 7(4).
  • Wodak, R. and Forchtner, B. (2014): Embattled Vienna 1683/2010: right-wing populism, collective memory and the fictionalisation of politics, in: Visual Communication. 13(2): 231-255.
  • Forchtner, B. and Kølvraa, C. (2012): The desire for unity in Austrian and Danish Postwar-film: the case of ‘Der Bockerer’ (1981) and ‘Matador’ (1978), in: Zeitgeschichte, 39(6): 388-402.
  • Forchtner, B. and Kølvraa, C. (2012): Narrating a ‘new Europe’: from “bitter past” to self-righteousness, in: Discourse & Society, 23(4): 1-24.
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SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (book chapters/ edited volumes/ book reviews)

  • Forchtner, B. and Kolvraa, C. (forthcoming, 2014): Peace and unity: imagining EUrope in the founding fathers’ house-museums, in: Reading, A. and Katriel, T. (Eds). Braving Power: Cultural Memories of Nonviolent Struggle. London: Palgrave.
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  • Forchtner, B., Rhetoriken des Lernens: Krise, Deutung und der Topos der Geschichte als Lehrmeisterin des Lebens. 37. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie. Trier, Deutschland. 6-10. Oktober 2014.
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  • Forchtner, B. Performing the 'judge-penitent' – emergence and regression of the German perpetrator trauma. Cultural Memory: Forgetting to Remember / Remembering to Forget. Kent, United Kingdom. 10-13 September 2008.



  • Forchtner, B. Deutungen ökologischer Krisen im europäischen Rechtspopulismus und Rechtsradikalismus. Tagung Naturschutz und Rechtsradikalismus - Gegenwärtige Entwicklungen, Probleme, Abgrenzungen und Steuerungsmöglichkeiten II. Vilm. 16-19 June 2014.
  • Forchtner, B. On the discursive construction of a ‘reformed/ing subject’. Charles University, Prague. 8 October 2013.
  • Forchtner, B. Critical Discourse Analysis: theory/ies and method/s. Charles University, Prague. 7 October 2013.



Wilhelm von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow, Humboldt Center for Social and Political Studies, Department of Social Sciences, Humboldt University, Berlin 2011-13.

  • DOC fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (2009-2011).
  • Full-time bursary of the Economic and Social Research Council (2007-2010).





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