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Philipp Eisnecker

Philipp Eisnecker

BGSS Generation 2014



Determinants of Interethnic Relationships between non-Migrants and Migrants



Prof. Dr. Martin Kroh



The planned thesis studies the determinants of interethnic relationships between non-migrants and migrants in Germany. A rich body of literature documents that such relationships generate positive outcomes for individual migrants and non-migrants as well as the social cohesion of host-societies at large.

However, so far, especially the non-migrant side of interethnic relationships remains under researched. Which living environments, personal characteristics and existing social networks enable or hamper the development of non-migrants’ interethnic relationships?

The thesis draws on household information provided by the Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP) and enriches them with other data sources to answer its research question. Longitudinal methods of data analyses are used to investigation the causal link between interethnic relationships and their possible determinants.


Recent Publications

Eisnecker, Philipp / Adriaans, Jule / Liebig, Stefan (2018): Was macht Gerechtigkeit aus? Deutsche WählerInnen befürworten über Parteigrenzen hinweg das Leistungs- und das Bedarfsprinzip. DIW Berlin.

Jacobsen, Jannes / Eisnecker, Philipp  / Schupp, Jürgen (2018): In 2016, around One-Third of People in Germany Donated for Refugees and Ten Percent Helped out on Site—yet Concerns Are Mounting. In: Britzke, Janina / Schupp, Jürgen (Eds.): SOEP Wave Report 2017. DIW Berlin. 97-108.



German Institute for Economic Research (DIW)