Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS)

Ana Luisa de Moraes Azenha

Ana Luisa de Moraes Azenha

BGSS Generation 2017



The effectiveness of e-participation tools in legislation






Despite the substantial number of e-participation tools developed during the past two decades, the scarce efforts to assess their impacts reveal a (widely-recognized) need for in-depth studies on the issue. Democratic innovations, in general, and e-participation platforms, in particular, have been claimed to enhance citizen participation and to improve the quality of democracy, but these allegations are yet to be proved. The driving motivation behind this Ph.D. proposal is thus to attempt to fill this academic gap. This research seeks to investigate whether e-participation tools that aim at collecting citizen input to impact legislation can be effective, and the degree to which they have been successful in doing so. It entails identifying the factors that can enable or hinder their effectiveness, as well as analyzing how these e-participation tools can impact democracy. The empirical research will focus on two experiences in Latin America, a region which has been recognized as a unique source of electronic democratic innovations. The analysis of the selected cases will be carried out through a diverse case study methodology, combining content analysis and qualitative interviews.


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